Duane's Mobile Home Service 

Done the right way!

  1. Relevel
    Relevel Symptoms: -Spills pooling to one side of the house -Doors and windows difficult to open -Cracks becoming apparent. Investigate the seam of your home. -Skirting begins bowing or lifting
  2. Repairs & Remodeling
    Is it time to make an addition to your family and home? Finally ready to have that dream deck installed? We offer a variety of repair and remodeling services.
  3. Maintenance
    Providing your home with proper maintenance will extend the life of your house. Maintenance includes, but not limited to: - Painting - Adjusting/Installing doors - Insulation
  4. Roofing
    Be on the look out for saggy ceilings and brown water spots. Not only are they unsightly to see, they could lead to other, serious issue that need to be addressed. We offer roof coating and repairs.
  5. Skirting
    Need to update your homes curb appeal? Has your current skirting lost too many battles with the weed eater? Trying to keep pesky critters from under your home and our of your insulation? We offer a variety of vented metal and vinyl skirting with a diverse array of finishes and color options. If you have a custom skirting in mind, let me know... we can get it!
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